JFP & Co offer services to a wide range of sectors from enterprise and professional services firms to Government departments.

* Preliminary research.  *Collection of field data and site analysis.

* Independent reporting. *Preliminary testing.

*Independent Representative. * Independent Observer

Clients and industries we work with.

Legal Firms


Think of JFP & Co as a resource for your firm or in-house counsel that is on hand when required.

Preliminary reports typically involve attending any site that might be associated with a legal dispute or matter to collect any relative site information, preliminary sample testing or simply to provide supportive photography and diagrams.

Leaving you better equipped and better positioned to close a matter, change direction or start seeking specific expert reports.

JFP & Co services can also assist your firm in maintaining independence.

Quantity Surveyors


Offering various levels of commercial services to Government including Commonwealth and State departments, Authorities and Subsidiaries along with local Councils.

JFP & Co services can assist your department in maintaining total independence around verification and compliance by obtaining information from any site on demand across a wide range of areas or act as a representative or independent observer.

Our preliminary reports, scenario and sample testing can also assist in providing initial data cost effectively for white paper reports and feasibility studies.



Providing various services to both traditional and virtual businesses.

A field assistant can attend a site when you can’t. From inspecting a site, obtain site photography, collection of measurements, verification of works or events and even act as a representative for a site meeting or assist in project / asset management.

JFP & Co can also collect or view any field information and provide photo evidence that may be useful for the future should a claim or case come forward around an issue at hand.


Professional Services

A hands-on resource for your firm that is designed to specifically to streamline the way in which any field data can be conveniently collected from any site.

A field assistant can attend site on behalf of your organisation to collect any supportive documents, photographs, conduct site inspections and act as your field representative.

Our field agents can coordinate and meet trades or professionals on site to obtain independent quotes, audits and expert reports, further increasing efficiency for in house staff.

Retail & National Franchise

Retail & National Franchise

These services are designed to to aid any national outlet that might not have administration staff within our service zones and can therefore make attending a site to collect information previously unfeasible.

They can also be used to ensure you maintain independence for total compliance.

Our wide range of commercial services can be used to collect on site field information and evidence.

our services have also been used to verify and document finish works / projects before final handover or act as a representative.

Private Sector

Private Sector

From simple reporting and documentation to advanced specialist areas of analysis, preliminary sample testing and the coordination of specialist experts.

Utilise the services of independent company collect any field information and photo evidence that might aid in any future cases.



Providing preliminary independent documentation of findings for the insured or on behalf of the broker, insurer or loss adjuster.

Using our independence may assist in any compliance or provide you with more information to aid the process.

Facility Managers

Facility Managers

Multiple services for Facility Managers include the following.

Collection of information and documentation around incidents or events.

Independent documentation.

Independent collection of trade quotations and estimations and any specialists reports.

Document finish works / projects before final handover.

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