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Everything we do or aim to provide is focused around the basics. Providing you with the basic information that might be hard to obtain or verify if you simply can not get there yourself. Often its the basic data that can make a big difference in your plan or course of action. We want to make it easy for you to obtain that site data when you need it most.

We understand that for smaller scale distribution or trying to support a product in a location you are not currently in can be difficult. We can act as your dealer representative and agent. Providing you with a reliable partner in a country or area you may not currently be in. 

Video examples.

Key documentation methodsPreliminary reporting itemsPreliminary analytical sample & scenario testingEngagementIndustry
Written DimensionsNoise – DBOnsite inspection – attendanceLegal
Photographic WeightLight – LUXAcquisition of commercial informationGovernment
Photographic droneDistanceSpeed – KMSPreliminary data collectionEnterprise
Sketch diagramDegrees Surface MoisturePreliminary data analysisPrivate
Schematic diagramQuantitativeVoltage – Amperage – ResistanceDocumentationFranchise or National provider
Video footageConditionMaterial HardnessCompliance Facility Management
Body worn videoVerificationCoating thicknessIndependent reportingRetail
Audio recordingComparisonStrength – ForceCertification Insurance
Verbal onlyGradationTension- TorqueVerificationManufacturing
TemperatureProject management Mining
Sample testing – Chemical compositionRepresentative Professional services firm
Inferred spot heat cameraCoordination with professional expert report providerTrade and services
Coordination with trade report provider
Coordination of specialist testing or sample collection
Obtain budgetary estimations
Provision general research
Provision assessment consultancy
Provision of information relating to business
Provision of commercial information
Market reporting services
Business assistance
Management of business projects
Writing of business reports
Special consignment
Independent observer

Note: Our preliminary analytical reporting is designed to provide a basic summary of findings that should be used to aid in deciding if further specialised testing in any area is valid. Additional and high-end specialist services available on request via expert coordination. Please be aware there may be various lead times required to have some sample testing completed. Please see our legal disclaimer before engagement.

Video Legal disclaimer: Details in these videos may be examples only and not occurred or have had details changed or dramatised for illustration purposes. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of any events, information and / or details in these or any samples.

No specific, personalised, sensitive or private information on any previous matter or customer will be issued unless with written permission.

General Legal disclaimer: While we make every effort to ensure that material and / or any information provided is accurate and up to date (unless denoted as archived material), any and all such material does in no way constitute the provision of professional and / or legal advice. We hold no liability for the accuracy, or storage of any information and how it is shared or used once delivered.

JFP & Co accepts no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of any reports and / or information and / or documentation provided at any time.

Under no circumstances shall JFP & Co have any liability for any loss or damages incurred as a result of use of this or any information of any kind provided by JFP & Co at any time. JFP & Co company directors, staff and contractors are also excluded from any personal liability.

JFP & Co accepts no legal liability whatsoever arising from products that we have provided assisted in distribution or providing support.

All information directly provided by JFP & Co along with any information provided and located on our website and associated media platforms is general information only. Before acting on any advice and / or information from JFP & Co you should consider the appropriateness of the advice in regard to your own objectives and understand that our reporting services are designed to be used as a preliminary measure only and you should further seek the advice of the appropriate professionals.

We strongly recommend that you are familiar with this disclaimer and any company terms and conditions. Do not proceed to engage JFP & Co if you deem any items to be unfair or unreasonable.

The use and / or reliance of any information and / or documentation is solely at your own risk.

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