Bridging the gap between people, places and information

JFP & Co are a small boutique and exclusive business, offering customised and specialised services to a broad range of markets. 

Our size and structure means we can be flexible and adaptable to your needs and requirements. 

JFP & Co offer a wide range of commercial and supplementary field support services to a broad range of professional, local and international businesses and government sectors.

While many business models are shifting to virtual based platforms, or due to wold events restricting travel, JFP & Co are able to provide services for sought-after hands-on field work on an as-needs basis designed specifically to streamline the operations of your businesses or department.

JFP & Co is a dynamic business that prides itself on delivering the highest professional standards. Our team is made up from a diverse range of professional and trade backgrounds spanning various qualifications. The company has a culture rich in common sense and high professional standards.

We operate with total independence and a non-bias agenda with the sole intention of providing you with access to more information on demand or being able to provide more services in locations that you are not currently in.

JFP & Co are currently located on the Gold Coast and Brisbane and are also able to provide limited services in Melbourne. Expansion for full feature services to Melbourne and Sydney are imminent, to accommodate the ongoing requests for our services. Our representatives will travel to almost any location should this be required.

We are also available for any specialised and / or confidential project based roles.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about how our wide range of services can work for you.

Hours of operation:

8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Outside business hours by prior arrangement only. Additional fees and charges may apply.

For enquiries, fee proposals, company policies and further information please contact our team today.

Location Brisbane – Melbourne – Sydney coming soon
JFP & Co