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JFP & Co offer a broad range of commercial & support services such as preliminary reporting, involving the collection of key on-site field data. Comprising of photo documentation, measurements, diagrams and quantitative reporting to verification, preliminary scenario and sample testing and independent observing.

Our services not only provide you with increased efficiency and more information, they can also allow you to remain at arm’s length by using our independence to assist in compliance.

JFP & Co provide services to a wide range of sectors from enterprise and professional services firms to government departments.

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On-site inspections, preliminary reports and independent observation reports allow you to collect any associated field information that may be able to aid in, management, preparation, research, verification or documentation.

Detailed and independent reports can include any supporting materials required from site such as providing dimensions,  quantitative & condition reporting, photography and the creation of visual diagrams.  Through to obtaining specialist information and identifying any points of interest.

This service is a convenient and dynamic way to obtain valuable preliminary information and data from the field on demand.

Preliminary scenario & sample testing

Preliminary scenario & sample testing

Our preliminary scenario and sample testing is designed to assist in providing a faster and more cost effective method to establish if further specialist experts and testing are required in any given area.

We have access to a key range of testing and measuring devices on hand and a network of specialists able to assist in more specialised areas.

Coordination of Industry Specialist Audits & Consultation reports

Coordination of industry specialists & reports

We can coordinate with specialists in various fields to provide independent and expert reports, consultation and audits relative to a specific, issue, industry, business or profession and coordinate specific sample testing.

We are also able to work with your chosen experts to provide our preliminary findings.

This involves coordination and production of various methodical reports based on raw information and industry expertise, designed to provide consultation and firm direction related to a specific area.

Trade and service based quotations can also be coordinated to aid in budgeting or dispute resolution.

Site photography & Schematic diagrams

Site photography & Schematic diagrams

This service is designed to promptly provide any visual supportive materials via an on-site inspection.

Attending any site to compile required photographs or videos that may aid research.

Example schematic diagrams and floor plans can assist in developing a clear understanding of the area or structures in question for all parties.

This can provide those off site with a clear and detailed understanding of events, condition and items on site.

Designed to provide a high level of convenience to your firm and allowing staff to focus on in house preparation or assist those not able to attend site.

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