JFP & Co provide a wide range of commercial and supplementary field services for Law Firms, Professional Services Consultants, Administrators, Insurance Brokers, Businesses and Loss & Liability adjusters.

While many business models are shifting to web-based, off shore or virtual based platforms, JFP & Co are able to provide services for sought-after hands-on field work on an as-needs basis designed specifically to streamline the operations of your businesses.

Site Inspections & Examination Reports

Site Inspections & Examination Reports

Our key service: Site inspections and examinations to collect any associated field information that may be able to aid legal research or an insurance claim. This can be on behalf of a law firm, insurance broker or direct to client.

Detailed and independent reports that include any supporting materials required from site such as photography, dimensions and visual diagrams, through to obtaining specialist information such as lux and db levels and identifying any points of interest.

This service is a convenient and cost effective way to obtain valuable information and data from the field. The information can be used as part of or to provide better direction of a case or claim.

Quantity Surveying – Coordination of Quotations & Estimations

Quantity Surveying – Coordination of Quotations & Estimations

Coordination and collection of independent quotes and estimations on existing stock, fittings, fixtures and equipment along with services such repairs, maintenance, replacement or modifications across a wide range of trades, industries and products.

Coordinate and meet trades or professionals on site to help aid the collection of key information and documents saving time for those seeking them.

This service has often been proven beneficial for dispute resolution cases.

Coordination of Industry Specialist Audits & Consultation reports

Coordination of Industry Specialist Audits & Consultation reports

We source and meet with specialists in various fields to provide independent and expert reports, consultation and audits relative to a specific industry, business or profession.

This involves coordination and production of various methodical reports based on raw information and industry expertise, designed to provide consultation and firm direction for a case or claim related to a specific area.

This service can also assist in sourcing qualified specialists that may be utilised for expert witness statements/testimony.

Site Photos & Drone photography

Site Photos & Drone photography

This service is designed to promptly provide any visual supportive materials to any professional service.

Attending any site to compile required photographs or videos that may aid legal research, insurance claim or any professional service seeking visual supportive documents of on site findings.

High quality, highly detailed photography that can be merged with other reports and diagrams.

This can provide those off site with a clear and detailed understanding of events and items on site. Further providing a high level of convenience to your firm and allowing staff to focus on in house preparation.

Drone Photography services available where required.

Schematic Drawings & Diagrams

Schematic Drawings & Diagrams

Creation of a basic or detailed overview map or diagram of any land area, floor plan or structure.  These can incorporate measurements of any key items on site such heights, lengths and widths and distances and any other key spatial data.

Elementary drawings can be created promptly in house that may aid visual supportive material.

Highly detailed drawings can be coordinated via specialists Draftsman.

Independent Incident & Event reports

Independent Incident & Event reports

Independent incident or event report data collection services can be a vital component in many legal and insurance cases where valuable field information is required quickly and efficiently.

Our team documents key information, items of interest, data and damage assessments to produce detailed reports along with any supporting materials.

This is a board overview of items, events and surroundings that can be used as part of the greater case or held on to in the event of future use.

These reports are also helpful for the private and business sectors in obtaining independent data.



Specialising in hand held, personal delivery of highly sensitive or important documents and data media that must be accompanied by an individual at all times.

Any documents and data media will be held by staff with a security / Police check clearance and can be secured in a lockable carry case. Items can then be handed over to the appropriate person after a visual ID check.

Items can be picked up and delivered nationally – Enquire for serviced areas.

CCTV footage retrieval and media transfer

CCTV footage retrieval and IT forensics

Collection and transfer of CCTV footage from site.

Files can then be transferred to USB or DVD ready for use. Both raw and converted file types can be provided pending equipment type on site.

Collection of history reports from the security system or back to base monitoring company for research and / or evidence.

Coordination of IT / Computer forensics analysis and security services by experienced cyber security analysts.

Field Research


Conducting various levels of research on your behalf and provide a general overview information report.

This service is designed for companies or people short on time or resources but need to collect basic information about how, when or why on any given item or topic.

We can also coordinate specialist expert reports. These reports may aid in the collection of evidence or useful information that can open the channels to further formal investigations or lead a case or claim in a better direction.

Security Risk Assessments

Security Risk

Security risk assessments are an essential part of any business or property.

They can help to not only limit the cause for additional or repeat claims which not only suits the end user, brokers and insurance companies but aim to provide a safe and compliant environment for staff and sensitive documents.

Investigation Coordination

Project Management

Providing project management across a wide range of areas for business, government and virtual operations.

From small one off projects to repeat or long term projects.  A hands-on resource for any company or firm that is designed to specifically streamline the way in which field work can be conveniently performed.

A field assistant can attend site on behalf of your organization to collect any supportive documents, photographs, measurements, conduct site inspections and act as your field representative for site meetings and give directions to others.

Our field agents can coordinate and meet trades or professionals on site to obtain independent quotes, repairs, arrange audits and expert reports. All this is designed at further increasing efficiency for various businesses.


Field Assistant

Field Assistant

While many business models are shifting to web-based, off shore or virtual based platforms, JFP & Co are able to provide services for sought-after hands-on field work on an as-needs basis designed specifically to streamline the operations of your business.

Similar to a virtual assistant but in the physical sense. We can attend any site on your behalf.

This can be to collect site information, site photos, site meetings, collect measurements, collect documents, undertake project management, arrange trades and services or collect expert reports.

Providing you with a company representative at your convenience.

Location Head Office: 3/29 Export Dr, Molendinar QLD 4214